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Prescription Refills

Your prescription needs can be taken care of as part of your regular office visit, at no extra charge. Our providers make every effort to provide long-term prescriptions and automatic refills at that time, to avoid your having to contact us separately to request a refill.

Please be aware that refills take valuable staff and physician time to address. All patients who request prescription refills at any time other than an office visit may be charged a service fee that varies based on the number of medications. This includes prescriptions that need to be called in, faxed, or mailed to a pharmacy, and prescriptions that must be rewritten.


Mail order prescription refills

For patients with mail order prescription plans, your provider will hand you a written prescription at the time of your office visit for you to mail in. Alternatively, most mail order prescriptions can be sent directly to the pharmacy during your office visit. If your provider determines that you need to start a medication immediately, they can send it electronically or give you a written prescription for a local pharmacy.

New prescriptions via phone

There may be times when your provider prescribes a new medication for you over the phone. Any medication needed immediately will be electronically sent or called in to a local pharmacy. Long-term prescriptions or any prescriptions that are not needed immediately may be mailed to you or sent electronically.

How to request prescription refills

If you require a prescription refill outside of an office visit, try to plan at least 3 days in advance. Please call the office and speak to our pharmacy personnel or send us an email to this effect.  We will fax the prescription to your pharmacy directly. Please make sure that you send us your pharmacy information, including phone number, fax number, and address. Alternatively, you may call the pharmacy and have them send the request to us electronically.


Our Pharmacy can be reached:

301-384-2166 Ext. 1020

Patient lab and radiology results are communicated to us electronically by the servicing vendor. Patients must request copies of these results directly from the service providers as clinic may not be able to entertain such requests expeditiously.

The Clinic adheres to the following policy to communicate lab/radiology results with its patients:

1. If the results are ABNORMAL and there is an urgency, patients are contacted by phone. An emergency appointment with the provider is scheduled on the next available date.

2. If the results are ABNORMAL but no treatment is required, patients are informed and encouraged to see their providers at their earliest convenience to discuss the results.

3. If the results are NORMAL, patients are not contacted and no further action is required.

An appointment to discuss your lab/radiology results is like any other appointment whether initiated by the Clinic staff , provider or patient and is subject to standard patient visit charges.

Please also note that HIPAA regulations prohibit Clinic staff and/or providers to discuss these results with any person other than the patient. Any third party (including spouses, parents, or siblings) must have the written permission of the patient to request or discuss such information. Please note that there are no exceptions to these rules.

Lab/Radiology Results

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