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Patient Referrals

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Patients with Insurance

Your insurance carrier may require you to obtain a referral before seeing a specialist. We obtain a referral for you only after an appointment has been made by you with the specialist you intend to see. Therefore, when one of our physicians requests that you see a specialist, you will be given a list of physicians we recommend in that specialty. It is then your responsibility to call the physician you wish to see, confirm that the specialist accepts your insurance plan before making an appointment. At that point you are to notify our office by email or phone that an appointment was made. Tell us when and with what doctor and we will process the referral, according to the directions we have in your electronic chart and the information you give us. You will need to pick up the referral from our office. We cannot email it or fax it to the specialist. We cannot mail it to your home. Please do not call us from the specialist's office as we may not be able attend your request immediately. Failure to obtain a referral will leave you at risk for payment of all charges associated with the appointment. We require 3-5 business days to process non-emergent referrals. Emergent referrals will be done on the direction of one of our physicians.

Patients without insurance

If you are being referred to one of the in-clinic specialists, please make sure that you see our check-out personnel for further assistance. If you are being referred to an outside specialist, please see our Patient Navigator before exiting the clinic.  If the Patient Navigator is not available, make sure that contact her/him at the next opportunity. If you have met all residency  and income requirements, we will do our best to find you a specialist through Project Access or Catholic Charities referral programs. Please be advised that you will be required to fill out several forms and provide various supporting documents. In some cases you may be asked to share a part of the cost. The Clinic will help you through the qualification process and keep you updated  of the progress but cannot guarantee the approval of your case. You must understand that finding you a specialist and setting up an appointment for you is beyond our control. We offer these services simply because we consider it our duty to help our patients but the final decision rests in the hands of outside organizations and individuals. 

If you have any questions, please contact our Patient Navigator:

301-384-2166 Ext. 1019

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