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Lab Services


MCC Medical Clinic has made special pricing arrangements with Quest Diagnostics and LabCorp of America for its patients. The patient must obtain a lab request from Clinic’s check-out counter. In order to avail special discount for various lab services, patients are required to pay in advance at the MCC Medical Clinic.  Patients are free to choose any vendor other than the ones listed here but must be responsible to have the results transmitted to the Clinic in a medium compatible with our electronic medical record (EMR) system.








Appointments at Quest Labs can be made through the Quest Lab website. Also, they have a mobile site where a person can make an appointment as well at their nearest location. To learn more about Quest Diagnostic and its locations, please go to their website:


If you wish to receive results using the MyQuest by Care360 patient portal and mobile health app, visit the MyQuest™ website and complete the registration process or download the app. Another option is to ask the your primary care physician or specialist to authorize Quest to send you a copy of your lab test results.








Online appointment scheduling is available at all LabCorp sites. You can even schedule same-day appointments.  Appointments must be made 2 hours prior to time of arrival albiet appointments are not required. Sites are generally the busiest from opening until 10:00 AM. If fasting is not required, you may wish to schedule an appointment during off-peak hours. You may also cancel or modify a previously scheduled appointment using your confirmation number.


Use the locator tool to find the testing lab you wish to visit. The physician who ordered your test(s) may have given you special instructions for preparing for your lab examination. Follow those instructions exactly as given by your physician. For more information, visit the My Test page.

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