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Abdullah, Sofia M., MD – Gynecologist

Assefa, Eyeruslaem – Phlebotomist – Quest Diagnostic  

Atiyeh, Maurice, MD – Internist

Azad, Shagufta – Telephone Operator

Aziz, Nasir Akhtar, MD – Dermatologist

Bashir, Javed, Ph.D. – Chair, Medical Clinic Board

Bryant McGurin, Mary – Gynecologist

Carrington, Mary, PA – Travel Medicine                         

Choudhury, Nahid – Check-In/Check-Out                    

Ejaz, Lubna – Chair - MCC Board of Trustees 

Emathe, Margaret – Patient Navigator                             

Naima, Fares – Dental Hygienist 

Fall, Bintou – Family Medicine

Fares, Naima – Hygienist

Fatima, Nahid – Front Desk Manager                    

Gebremichael, Ruth T. – Medical Assistant

Ghaffar, Fariha – Medical Assistant                                  

Handratta,Venkatesh – Psychiatrist – PCC

Hasan, Mehdi, DDS – Dentist

Hassan, Sheik, MD – Director, Medical Clinic Board

Hira, Shaheen – Domestic Violence  

Haggart, Anna – Medicaid/Healthcare Specialist – DHHS

Handeratta, Venkatesh – Psychiatrist – PCC

Indenbaum, Lori, PA – Internist

Kamendi, Janet, NP – Internist

Kamus, Abdulaziz – Senior Clinic Manager

Karimullah, Irfan, DDS – Dentist

Kawaja, Tahoora, MD – Director, Internist, Medical Clinic Board

Khan, Raja Abdulbasit - Driver

Khan, Sadia, OD – Optometrist

Khan, Tazneen J. – Medical Assistant

Korme, Ismail, LGSW – Counselor, Behavioral Health - PCC

Malik, Hayat – Driver

Min, Ji – Internist

Moughal, Ghazala – Dental Assistant

Munir, Mohammad M., MD – Internist

Naiyer, Laila – Quality Assurance Manager

Nazeer, Gulshan A.  – Medical Assistant

Negaligne, Kongit – Medical Assistant

Nizamuddin, Maruf, MD – Urologist

Pinto, Luis – Clinic Supervisor                                            

Qadri, Asif S., MD – Cardiologist/Internist, Medical Director                                 

Rajao Deen, Maurice – Dental Assistant

Rashid, Ameedah, LSW – Counselor

Rehman, Naseema – Medical Assistant                           

Roughani, Leyla – Pharmacy Technician

Sandoval, Gilma P. – Check-In/Check-Out                                

Sarwar, Usman –  President –-  MCC Board of Directors

Siddiqui, Shabana –Check-In/Check-Out                           

Siddiqui, Abdul Jabar – Ultrasound Technician

Shah, Ali, DDS – Dentist

Sufi, Ashraf M., MD – Gastroenterologist 

Sultana, Ghousia, MD – Internist

Uppal, Jamshed, Ph.D. –Interim Executive Director

Uppal, Pervez, Ph.D. –Director, Medical Clinic Board

Uppal, Salman – Administrative Assistant 

Yassin, Kamil –  Driver                               




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